Best foods and herbs for urinary health

sarawsaraw Raw Newbie

Title says it all really..

I'm dealing with the onset of a urinary tract infection.

What foods should I steer clear from?


  • I would think you would want to avoid anything too acidic, and I'm sure you already know cranberries will help!

  • If you were eating cooked food avoiding all sugary foods is a must. Sugar feeds the infection. I would think this includes most fruits. As for herbs uva ursi, marshmallow root and corn silk is a great combination to take. The uva ursi kills off the bacteria, marshmallow root is soothing to irritated tissue and the corn silk helps with the spasms that can come with an infection, it will also help to flush out the kidneys and bladder. If you head to the nearest good health food store someone should be able to help you out. Going the herbal way takes a little longer than the fast acting antibiotics but they do the job and your body will be happier with you. Probiotics are also a good addition, Renu Life has one that is specific for the bladder. My thoughts are with you, UTI's are horrible to live with. Water, water, water!!!!!!!!!!

  • internettouristinternettourist Raw Newbie

    Take Oregano Oil pills. It'll take care of that and everything else. No kidding.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    A friend of mine went to India and met a girl who had a urinary tract infection... the girl had coconut water for a whole week and that cured her.

  • I have a weak bladder so I get minor bladder infections if i so much as hold going pee too long.

    Avoid acidic fruits. Soak your nuts. (if you don't they also have acid's in them) and cranberries...they help SO MUCH.

    annnnnnnnnd DRINK TONS OF WATER.

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