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So my boyfriend of 4 years and I have decided that it is probably time that we do a little couple's therapy. We're getting engaged soon and feel like it's the best thing to do in order to learn the best ways to communicate with each other. We also want to talk to the person about my extreme separation anxiety that I only experience when it comes to him-but it's really bad. I mean shaking and sweating and rapidly losing weight and all that craziness. SO I am asking you guys if you know of any resources where I could find a more "natural" therapist?? I am worried that they are going to try and put me on some kind of antidepressant which is not what I want to do. I am perfectly happy and positive except for this dang anxiety that I have had my whole life. I am a million times better since being raw and practicing yoga though. I just want someone who is going to talk to us and maybe give us feedback that is aligned with our goals and lifestyle. Thanks so much in advance for any advice.

ps- if anyone here has any insight into my problem, feel free to add that as well!


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I don't have any ideas, but i found a good therapist by simply trying a couple of them out (1 session each)... and i found one i liked. Regular counselors don't normally prescribe drugs - mine just talks to me, and is helpful.

  • Thanks, Winona. That's what I am thinking we will do. Trial and error! My only concern is that his insurance covers this and mine does not, so it's kinda pricey to experiment, but we will do it anyway.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Have you tried a hypnotherapist, or even a past life regression session? Sometimes anxieties we have now stem from past life issues (if you believe in that of course). WIsh I could offer more. Good luck, and congratulations on your upcoming engagement!

  • Thanks alot, spiritedmama! I am very ecstatic about the engagement part! I absolutely do believe in past lives and would love to look into a hypnotherapist. Have you had personal experience with something like that? I feel like my boyfriend would feel a little uncomfortable and I would like to have some positive things to share with him to ease his mind.

  • One of my good friends and her fiance, worked with Rev. Julie Chai when she was engaged. I can't recommend this woman highly enough! She gave them all kinds of insight into each other's ways of being and helped them find more useful ways of communication (you'd be surprised how much you can learn, even when you already know someone really well!)

    Julie Chai is a therapist, too, and she practices something she calls "inner listening." She is kind, compassionate, open, and one of those really beautiful souls who just exudes light.

    Here's a link to her site (don't know what area you're in, but she does travel, and you might ask if she does phone consultations): http://www.juliechai.com/mp_includes/index.asp

    Best of luck, and congratulations!

  • Thank alot, agavegirl! I downloaded the brochure about inner listening. Maybe this will help us a little bit until we can find an actual person to talk to!

  • You're so welcome! I'm so excited for you and your boyfriend. You have a glorious future ahead of you!

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