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After Thanksgiving of 2007, I decided to try a 100% raw vegan diet for a month. Figured that would give me a good chance to try it out, plus I wouldn't gorge on holiday cookies. I had been having digestion problems for almost 2 years and had high hopes for the diet. I loved it, though I hated going to restaurants or friend's houses for dinner. I figured that I would eat holidays meals as normal and then transition into a ~75% raw diet in 2008 - eat raw at home, but don't sweat the cooked meals while out. Also I have chickens and goats and like eggs and dairy, so the vegan part wasn't high priority for me. Anyway, on Jan. 4th of 2008, I wound up in the hospital for emergency gall bladder surgery. Seems my digestion problems weren't as simple as I thought.

The hospital food nearly killed me. They gave me coffee, greasy eggs and white fluffy biscuits for my first meal. They did have 'vegetarian' as on option for a meal (I've been vegetarian my whole life) but not 'raw'! Then while recuperating, I couldn't prepare things for a week and didn't get any raw. Long story short, I went right back to my old diet. Twenty pounds later, I realized I needed to do something! I lost the 20 pounds last year but the SAME digestion problems have come back. So apparently the gall bladder was not the only culprit.

So 2 weeks ago, I embarked on another 100% raw diet. My plan is to do that for a month+ to get things jump started and then wind up with a 75% raw diet plus eggs (organic but cooked) and dairy (organic and raw). This time around, my husband is more interested in joining me in this - or at least meeting me halfway. Last time, he only ate a few of the meals I prepared. But his health is not looking so good and he has gained 20 pounds in the last year.

So that's my story!


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Sorry to hear about the gallbladder! My digestive problems were fixed by eating very high raw, all vegan. Hopefully you find the right diet to help you heal!

  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Madness~ I can tell you from experience that YOU will feel better after you transition to vegan or at least get off the meat and dairy... Free range organic eggs, raw honey and bee pollen from a humane bee person are not vegan but are easy to include into the raw diet and my be of great benefit to your health...

    In the late 70's I had terrible gall bladder attacks the MD was setting up my surgery when I decided to stop the meat... The attacks stopped and I still have my gall bladder without any attacks...

    Hope this helps you to have a greater perspective... Good Luck and good health!!!

  • Thanks for the welcome!

    And I just don't do well on a vegan diet. Not sure what it was, but I craved cheese like a maniac when I tried out veganism on several occasions. And I don't crave food. So for me, I'm perfectly happy being a vegetarian.

    Oh, and I am my own humane beekeeper too! :p I have two hives and they are regressed bees - not bred to artificially large sizes. I don't use any chemicals in their hives and I only take what my family can eat...which isn't very much!

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