Cavity - up intake of calcium?

Hi everybody,

a few weeks ago I realized I had a strange sensitivity when chewing but didn't give it much thought. That feeling grew stronger, though it was never painful, so a couple of days ago, I looked in my mouth (little mirror in mouth in front of big bathroom mirror - funny sight ;-) ) and saw that between two molars it was a bit black and a small hole in between them.

Great! ;-( I thought...

Just as a site-note, the last time I had a cavity is 15 years ago and I have been eating mainly raw for about a year now.

Still, isn't it interesting, all the things that happen to the body when it isn't in balance? Everything it does to become in balance again?

Thus I read up online. Isn't it possible for the body to heal cavity/tooth decay?

I came across Ramiel Nagel and his posts on Youtube (check out:

I do agree with him in so far that I believe in the body's ability to heal itself.

But the dietary changes he suggests to cure and prevent cavities/tooth decay is - though mostly raw :-) - high in animal products. Actually, it's all animal products:

Liver, raw milk, butter, organic eggs, fish and organs, beef, shellfish, bone-broth (yes, seriously), etc. With all of that he says, it's best to consume it raw or medium-rare if cooked.

Plus-points for him: He recommends lots and lots of raw vegetables or home-made vegetable-juice to go with it.

In the end, for him it's all about getting lots of minerals and calcium into your diet so your bones and teeth grow strong. I get that.

But I don't want to eat all those animal products. Also, because you can find plenty of articles saying that calcium is absorbed better when it's vegetable- or fruit-calcium than when it's animal-calcium.

Therefore my question:

What raw foods do I need in my diet?

What would you suggest?

Thanks for reading. ;-)

Can't wait to hear what you say.


  • Tons of green leafy vegies and get your tooth filled but not with mercury... Go to a holistic dentist as I don't believe the hole will fill in without help and you don't want to put a toxin into your body... Calcium needs magnesium to be assimilated... IMHO good luck!!! smile

    Edit--- Another post makes me think it might be possible that a tooth can repair itself... Amazing, but I would still have it evaluated by a non-conventional dentist, if it is painful...

  • I had a professor suggest that mercury fillings are actually better than the plastic ones. Something about how the mercury they use for fillings is somehow bonded to something else so it doesn't leach out of your teeth and into the rest of you, but the plastic ones do.

    I think we should all be aware of our calcium intake, not just for teeth. The women in my family all suffer from osteoporosis, and I have my sights set on not joining the family tradition. Tahini and broccoli are also high calcium (and go great together!). Good luck!

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Calcium's main role is actually not for building strong bones. It is the Great Alkalizer, and it is also used to build strength in the body. Consuming calcium to get calcium into the bones is not the easiest thing to do. You need boron, vitamin D, enzymes, co-enzymes, co-factors, sunshine, and weight bearing exercise as well.

    Both silica and magnesium convert to calcium in the body. This process is known as biological transmutation. If you look at the mineral composition of a green leafy vegetable, for example, the older part of the plant will have a higher concentration of calcium, while the younger part of the plant will have a higher concentration of silica and magnesium.

    Foods rich in silica include tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers (the shiny skins in these fruits are made of silica), romaine lettuce, radishes, burdock, etc. The richest sources are bamboo sap, bamboo shoots, hemp leaf, and horsetail. Eating For Beauty has a nice list of silica-rich foods. Silica is a common mineral on this planet, but it is not that commonly found in food, so it's important to know which foods contain this mineral.

    Foods rich in magnesium include greens, chocolate, and sea veggies. Sea vegetables, according to Gabriel Cousens, are the richest source of magnesium by far. Kelp powder might be the mostly densely mineralized sea vegetable of all. Spiritual Nutrition has nice list of magnesium-rich foods. LOL!

  • Hi everybody,

    thank you so much for your comments, I appreciate that wholeheartedly! :-)

    Waterbaby12347, yes, I think the theories about the body repairing even its teeth is amazing! But still, you're right, I will go to a dentist.

    As far as I've understood the theories, the body can't fill the holes, once they are there. But it can make strong layers on the teeth again (enamel, etc.) so it heals, no pain anymore and it's strong again. But the damage, the hole, would still be there.

    It's a really tiny hole, but I'll have it fixed anyway.

    But like what I've read: Getting the hole filled doesn't fix the problem! That's why I posted this, so I can prevent more cavity from coming. :-)

    Parsley, that's really interesting! I will have to read up on that, because all I've ever heard is that the mercury fillings are bad. I do have a few from my childhood and have thought about replacing them. Now I might change my mind on that! Thank you!

    Achin70, thank you for your detailed description on what truly has to work together to make bones and teeth stronger. :-)

    That's very good, I've started really working out again (P90X work-out program - does anyone else here do that? :-) ) and when the sun is out, I try to be out too and get some Vitamin D.

    So thanks everybody for all your suggestions on what foods help and all of your advice in general! :-)

  • Significantly up the intake of greens.

    Alkalinity will help with "build up" of what we call plaque both in our organs and mouths.

  • In one of the Boutenko books (either Green For Life or Raw Family) Sergei actually experiences tooth regeneration (although if I remember correctly they mention that not everyone experiences this) . I think it happened after Victoria discovered green smoothies. So, greens certainly play a crucial role in teeth health as has already been mentioned. If your teeth don't heal at least you can prevent any further decay. Plus, you still have to brush!!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    my dentist said to get rid of the mercury ones as they will fall out. yuck. and i don't get plastic, it's porcelain. it does seem like there is a correlation between loss of tooth enamel and raw foodism or high fruit diet. i just got several cavities filled. i brush and floss it's not that. don't know what's going on.

  • Bumplepop, lately I've been really pushing greens and want to increase the intake even more.

    Rawfreak4fr, I think I should buy that book of Victoria's too. I already have her "12 steps to raw foods"-book and I love it. How exciting that Sergey experienced tooth regeneration! I do believe in the body healing that too. Just the question if mine could and would as well. Victoria says in the book I have that it's scientifically the best to have two bunches of greens a day, so this is my goal nowadays. I'll see what happens. :-)

    At least for now I can say it hasn't gotten worse. I will probably get it fixed in a couple weeks though.

    Bitt, that's really interesting! So you experienced your teeth getting worse, too. Well, I wonder if it's because of our diet now or our diet before catching up to us. I have no idea!

    But I guess the most important point really is greens! Greens, greens, greens. :-)

  • Frederic Patenaude has an article addressing the problem of gum disease and raw foodists.

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