Pregnant SAD sister and flu shot

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My mother and I are in awe at the fact that my sister allowed a flu shot in the first four months of her pregnancy. Now she is worried about mercury (yes, now).

Can I suggest chlorella to her?

What should I tell her to do? Can pregnant people detox?


  • I'm not experienced in this, but I would have her call a DAN Dr in her area and ask. DAN=Defeat Autism Now. They are *very* well versed on mercury and detoxing.

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    I am scared to mention Autism, I know she will freak out. But I will talk to my mom about it before doing/saying anything. Thanks for introducing me to DAN.

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    CARNAP = Cilantro has been found to help with removing heavy metals. Brown seaweed is very good at removing heavy metals.

    I have never asked if a pregnant woman can have a professional colonic, but if so you could ask her to call one and ask the technician if they can determine if she has heavy metals. In fact it can, but you want to be sure you have found a technician who knows this and knows how to properly identify the problem..

    I had a colonic some time ago and the RN doing the procedure pointed to these tiny particles that settled in the bottom of the glass tube and were not being swept away by the steady flow of water, She identified these as heavy metals and told me to have a heavy metal test, Obviously, the colonic can remove the heavy metals that settle in the colon.

    I did have the test and she was right. I had dangerous levels of a heavy metal called gadolinium in my body. This heavy metal came from the contrast used when I have a MRI after a car accident. I got my levels back in check eating cilantro and using a supplement called Modiflan that you can purchase on the internet. It is pure brown seaweed extract. According to the company, the product was developed after Russian studies in the Chernobyl aftermath found that brown seaweed helped remove heavy metals.

    You may want to consider having the test first. It is a simple test where you collect the urine from a single day. With the test she will know if there is anything to worry about. If she had been eating SAD I think she should be concerned anyway given all the mercury that we now know is in high fructose corn syrup.

    Good Luck.

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    Wow, that is scary! I'm so glad you have been able to lower your levels and that you have the knowledge and drive to clean it all out. My best of wishes to your health, especially in this aspect.

    Thank you so much for the info, as well.

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