First-time blogging, suggestions?

I'm new to raw food, I started a blog and thought I would show it to people after maybe a few weeks, once I see and feel results:

(I'm going to spruce it up when I get home, I'm working at the moment)

Does anyone have advice for first-time bloggers? What about showing it to your close-minded families? I think might just be happy to hear updates from me once in a while, haha.

I don't know what information is safe to give away, and I'd really like to join a raw foodist community where we can read one another's blogs. I'm up for any advice. At first I thought I'd keep this blog as a diary to myself but then I opened comments up. Raw veganism and my newfound interest in fitness could be interesting to people I know.


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    i blog at

    i comment on other people's blogs too - i can add you to my blogroll. notice the blogs on the right on my website - if you comment on their blogs, they'll comment on yours.

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