Anybody here suffering from Orthorexia?

Anybody here suffering from Orthorexia?

Found these vids:

Part one:

Part two:

Just wondering if anybody here thinks they spend too much time thinking about eating raw???

If they do, then how healthy is that compared to just "living"???

Got the links from this article:

My personal final conclusion after reading several articles:

Cooking is unique to humans. The skin color of people living North has lost it's pigment.

If we had enough time to adapt genetically to less sun , then we must have adapted to eating meat as well.

We must have also adapted to cooking, since every culture does it. Chinese , Japenase, Native Americans, etc.

If evolution had time to change our skin color, then surely in that same amount of time we must have been able to adapt to cooked foods.

Anyway, I "KNOW" im spending too much time on this.

Although I will be moving on for now, I will at least be eating healthier, have learned a lot, gotten physically healthier, and don't regret none of it.

But my journey continues.......


( I still plan on eating lots o fruit and eating a large salad everyday, etc. but craving some cooked food tells me that it is natural. It's called listening to your body, right?)

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