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Water from older coconuts

blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

There is so much info out there on coconut water, as in the good stuff from young coconuts, but I am wondering if anything useful can be done with the water from the mature brown coconuts you buy in stores. I just picked up 2 because I wanted the firmer meat (most to dehydrate my own for later use in recipes and the other because I haven't had it in forever so it just called to me). I already drained one and now wondering what to do with the water.

I know it will be more bitter than a young coconut, not great to drink plain, but is it still drinkable?

Would it be OK in smoothies or foods, or should I be looking for some other use for it?


  • I've used the mature coconut water (and much of the meat) to make a pretty yummy soup. I blended all together with a large handful of spinach and a bit of curry powder. Threw in some mushrooms and zucchini "noodles" and it was pretty darn yummy.

  • I haven't tried the water from a young coconut yet, but I think mature coconut water is heavenly. My favorite breakfast drink for sure.

  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    I figured out after that the first one was no good, disappointing but at least I know my nose and gut instinct are working better than they used to. I had simply tapped it then had it sitting to drain. When I went back I realized it smelled 'off' but couldn't figure out why. The coconut where I poked holes also smelled off. I've gotten very sensitive to smells the last year so at first I couldn't figure out the smell. About an hour ago when I broke it open I found out why, the whole thing was rotten. Ewww, it was gross. I threw it out with the water and cracked open the second(which I got yesterday and from a different store). Water does not smell, not bitter and the coconut doesn't smell at all either so hoping for good things when I crack it open. I will be happy if the water is good in the more mature coconuts because they are much more in my pricerange and easier to find near me.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    My Grandmother drank hers and threw some into her recipes when she made her coconut cake...oh I do miss her and her delicious cakes, nothing compares to her cakes on the Holidays when I was a little girl :) I have to try to figure out how to make a raw fluffy cake, there has to be a way???

  • This is exactly what I always wonder about - does mature coconut water has the same beneficial qualities as young coconut water?

  • From reading posts here and there I got the general impression that young coconuts and their water is better than older.

    In Central america it is also used as a medicin, and then it is the young coconuts with the 'meat' inbetween jelly and mature...

    Several have also said that it helps you loose extra pounds.

    I love the taste of the old cocowater, but prefer the benefits of the young ones. Maybe its all in my head.. enlight us, someone.. :)

  • i use both types of coconut water. mature coconut water DOES have a greater likelihood to be spoiled, more often. many a time i've opened a mature coconut and been disappointed to discover that (a) there was like, a tablespoon of liquid inside, or (b) it was sour. but not ALWAYS. when the mature coconut water isn't sour or in paltry pittance, i find that aside from being somewhat less palatable, the only difference is mature coconut water stirs up the bowels. i guess it's got more fiber in it or something, but there is DEFINITELY some sort of laxative quality about it.

  • personally i hate young coconuts. far too sweet. Even as a child, when me & my dad went grocery shopping he got me a big older brown coconut. I love the juice from inside and the raw crunchy meat. :)

  • bobsmbobsm Raw Newbie
    I was born and raised in a small town in South Florida and as a kid we had hundreds of coconuts every year to work with-we ate them and drank the water all the time with no adverse affects-I preferred the darker mature ones because they were easier to husk albeit some would be sour when I cracked them open-if the water smelled soured when drained I would throw that one away-if the water didn't smell sour and didn't taste sour from a small sample I would drink the water and open the coconut and always would find good thick coconut meat inside-If you shake a coconut and there is no sloshing sound that means there is no water inside and it is most likely not good-the more water that is inside the better your chances of having an excellent coconut-I use that same method now-I no longer live in S. Fla. so have to buy coconuts on occasion-when I do I pick the coconut that sounds like it has the most water in it-drain the water and if it smells ok and a small sample tastes ok I use it all-if the water smells sour when drained I throw it out.  I have never been sick to my stomach or had loose bowls from drinking and/or eating coconut contents that I drained and ate.  I am just telling this forum of my many years of experience with coconuts.  I love the water and the meat and it is one of the healthiest drinks/food you can partake of.   
  • RomeyRomey Raw Jr. Leader

    I have used the water from the brown coconuts in smoothies and raw soups.  I generally don't get the brown ones because I have such a time getting them open.  I love the young thai coconuts.  The water is so good, I never put them in smoothies though because I like to savor the juice just as it is.

    I guess you have proven that it is best to follow your instincts and smell.

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I'm in love with the thai coconut water too, Romney. I don't even think I've had a brown coconut in years. There is just no competition between the two. They're still a pain to open, though. I actually have a mini pick-axe in the kitchen that is just for them. 

    This guy claims to be able to open one with a butter knife:

    I'm not that talented. cool



  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    I use the more mature coconut water for savory dishes rather than putting it into desserts or smoothies. It works perfectly and adds just the right amount of tart in a lot of cases. 

  • tierneyrtierneyr Raw Newbie

    I've used the mature coconut water (and much of the meat) to make a pretty yummy soup. I blended all together with a large handful of spinach and a bit of curry powder. Threw in some mushrooms and zucchini "noodles" and it was pretty darn yummy.

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