Glad to be among you!


I am new to "gone raw", but not new to eating raw. For the past 4 years I have been eating 75% - 80% raw. My family and I have done cleansing fasts for 10 days, followed by eating raw for 20 days, totalling 30 days. We have done this for two years straight and with great benefits. This time, I wanted to do raw in 10 day increments and thus far I am doing fairly well. I struggled with eating 100% raw before, but I am finding it a little easier this time around...surprising! All credit goes to the grace of God which is giving me the strength and courage to go forward in this direction. Some people go raw for different reasons. I am eating more raw so that my mind can be clearer to hear the voice of God and to honor Him with a surrendered vessel that can be used for his glory. I am thankful to be here sharing with all of you and look forward to learning. God bless!

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