CANNED coconut water??

please- i just moved back to Tennessee and there are NO young thai coconuts to be found!! fortunately for me, in the small one-horse town i inhabit there exists 1 tiny co-op where i can at least purchase CANNED coconut water. does anyone know if canning coconut water alters the natural product in any way, rendering it less beneficial or even completely devoid of benefit? i know all canned products have been heated- but coconut water is, well, water. it's water in a form where deuterium oxide is absent, but is it also a food item? does canning harm it in any way? i know it dosn't taste as good as fresh coconut water, so it makes me suspicious


  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I used to drink it and it was wonderful, but truly not as great as raw as it has all been pasteurized. Be careful too because some contain added sugar. I don't think it is void of benefit but it isn't as healthy as raw. The other problem is it is probably in an aluminum can. Not good.

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