What would be good for someone who just had a miscarriage?

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I have a friend who was desperate to have a baby, finally got pregnant and lost it after five weeks.

Would maca help her? I don't know what causes miscarriage, but I want her to have a baby after. I am considering giving her some maca in case she has a hormone problem.

I cannot introduce her to raw. She would think I'm an extra terrestriel. I have to do little things with certain people.


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    isn't it crazy how the natural way of eating is so foreign to people??? it's kind of sad : (

    anyway, david wolfe says to eat marine phytoplankton, krill oil, goji berries, and coconut because they are growth foods for the baby. maca is definitely good for brain development so i'd give her that as well.

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    But is that for when the baby is already conceived? I'm worried she will have difficulty conceiving a second time. I want fertility foods. But all those other ones sound good, too.

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    I'm sorry to say it but there is no magic food that will help your friend conceive or keep the baby. Miscarriage is the body's way of saying my body or this baby is not healthy enough to go to full term. Yes it is really sad for the parents but sometimes things like this get people to examine what in their life needs changing to create a healthy pregnancy and baby. You should tell your friend about raw food, but in the end it is her decision. She may at first think you are crazy but even if she changes her lifestyle and eating somewhat she could see real positive changes.

    Instead of giving her foods that she may or may not eat, just give her a book to read on raw food nutrition. Information is so much more powerful for her.

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    Hey, I'm sorry about your friend!

    Maca is a powerful adaptogen that would surely benefit her. Other herbs for fertility are:

    -Black haw. it has proven to help prevent miscarriage by easing tensions that make the uterus contract.

    -Cramp bark, excellent to have on hand in case of a threatened miscarriage or bleeding.

    -Dandelion greens and root

    -ginger root

    -Nettle leaf, extremely nutritious as a tea, works as a tonic for pregnant women,

    -Red raspberry leaf to strengthen the womb and tone the uterine muscles.

    a good blend for pregnancy is:

    -3 parts raspberry leaf

    -2parts nettle

    -1 part alfalfa leaf

    -4 parts peppermint or spearmint

    -3 parts lemon balm

    -2 parts squaw vine

    make a big jar of these dry herbs and have a couple of cups of tea a day.

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    Do you know the possible cause of the miscarriage? Probably not, because 5 weeks is pretty early on in the pregnancy. But, along with the above listed posts, some other possibilities are to encourage your friend to up her vitamin C to create a good, strong placental attachment, and also to up her intake of green leafy veggies: kale, spinach, chard are all fantastic super foods for pregnancy. A green smoothie a day is what I always tell my childbirth and doula clients. Much love to your friend. Loosing a baby at any stage in pregnancy is hard.

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