Think this will work?

Hello everyone. When I was pregnant with my daughter I was raw and stayed raw for a while. She was raw for the first year. But eventually we went to SAD. I don't know why. My son was mostly raw at that time but I never got him to go completely raw with me.

Now my children are 8 and 4 (well, almost. His birthday is in a few weeks and hers is in a month). They have a mostly healthy diet. They eat a lot of fruits and veggies for snacks. I rarely buy junk food. They do eat meat though my daughter doesn't like it much and prefers pasta or veggies for dinner.

I'm going raw again for health issues (can't seem to digest cooked food anymore without really bad pain). I'm sort of glad these digestive issues came up since I've been wanting to go raw but having trouble sticking with it.

I would love for my kids to go raw and maybe even my husband. I'm making one new raw food a week (so I don't get overwhelmed). Today I made Cinnamon Granola (got the recipe from this site). My son helped me. We made it before he had to go to school and it's dehydrating now. It should be done by the time he gets home (just checked on it and it's almost done now).

Anyway...I would love for my family to all go raw with me. I know my husband won't go completely raw because he has this theory that men are meant to eat meat because of the testosterone. I don't know where he heard that, some musscle mag. I at least want my kids to go raw. I plan to make one new dish a week and see if the kids like it. Sort of sneak it in there. If they don't like it then we'll work on something else.

Think that will work? Any of you who have raw did you do it?




  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    This blog might help you

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    amethystrse: I don't have any children (yet), but in terms of getting family members to eat raw foods, you seem to be on the right track by replacing old SAD recipes with new, delicious raw foods. There are a bunch of recipes in the Kids recipe category just waiting for your family to try!

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Hi, you could show your husband this video by Neil Barnard on cancer, diabetes and meat eating. In fact, when we eat meat we have too many sex hormones and they keep circulating in our system because we don't eat enough fiber and this can lead to prostate cancer, because it will build up too much testosterone in the body.

    Your husband might also find it interesting that animal fats that clog arteries also clog other parts of the body, and the blood supply cannot get to certain vital organs, and he could become impotant....

    Maybe he will get off his macho horse if he hears that.

  • The more you try, the more they'll rebel, in my experience. Best to just eat how you choose to eat, and let them come to their own conclusion. Always offer the food if they want it, but don't force it and don't be judgemental about what they choose to eat. My friend once said that when you judge someone's food, you're judgeing them, because you are what you eat, quite literally. You don't want food to become a source of stress in your household or you will make it a breeding ground for eating disorders, rebellious eating behavior, hoarding, and all kinds of stuff that's not fun!

    Where your husband is concerned, I would just do what Carnap said and appeal to his logic; don't force him to watch stuff or he will resent it and try to come up with arguments to everything being said in his head; he won't be so receptive. But maybe just be like 'hey, I'm going to watch this DVD, wanna watch it with me?' My mom tried that with my dad, and it worked; my dad started to say stuff like 'wow, I can't beleive that; raw food really is the cure for diabetes!' for example. Before that, he was all judgemental.

    I'm still working on my husband, though he is such a SAD eater I beleive my end goal is just to get more vegetables and fiber into his system; not necessarily raw at this point. His problem is that he feels fine eating SAD. A lot of people feel fine eating SAD, that's why they don't see the need for change. It's either because they don't know how good they could be feeling, or because scarey health problems are lurking underneath the surface, and they won't feel 'bad' until they have a sroke or heart attack. I think that's what it is in my husband's case, which scares me. But unfortunately, the gentler approach is usually the one that works. Personally, I 'd like to tie my husband to a chair and force feed him raw veggies, but that's not gonna happen!

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    And, if he sees a difference in you, he will be more convinced. Sometimes talking, while necessary, is pointless. They don't listen.

    My friend didn't take me seriously until a month after not seeing me, I had him squeeze my arm. His jaw hit the floor with how much muscle I had in my arm after only one month of doing yoga. He said 'it's your diet!'.

    Little by little he is showing more interest.

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