Any pet rat lovers out there? :-)


just wanted to see if there were any pet rat lovers out there -- maybe even in Oklahoma where I live right now?

I'm seriously thinking about getting a pair (two boys) of pet rats, that's why I'm looking for other people who already have some. Talk about rats, maybe get some advice and such. :-)

Right now I'm still in the phase of getting answers for important questions like: Where do they go/Who takes care of them when we go on vacation?

How do you do it? Surely it's easiest if you have friends who'll help you out, but what to do when that's not the case?

Would love to hear from you. :-)


  • i live in california, but i've had quite a few rats in my time :) my last one died about a year ago, but they've always been my favorite. i would have one now, but i am a full time student with no time for an animal nobody wants to touch besides me.

    when i went on vacation i either found hotels that accepted animals, asked a friend to watch them, or sent em to a pet sitter that had been highly recommended and the like.

  • Hi ofthesea,

    rats have always been my favorite, too! That's why after quite a few years I finally want to have some again. I'd actually have time and space for them again. :-)

    Since I've posted this I've found two pet sitters where I live that sound pretty good, so once I have my babies I'll meet with them to see how they are. I do think I'll get mine from a breeder and if he isn't too far away he might do vacation care too, you never know.

    But I'm happy to have that last question solved. :-)

    Now I only have to see where I'll get them from! ;-)

    What kind (fur color, etc.) did you have?

  • yeah :)

    ah i see, yeah. sounds good!

    the last ones i had were grey and white, and before that i had a big one that was white with red eyes :)

  • i have a new arctic fox (white rat) i think its the right term but i love the thing

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