Eco-village Raw food community

Aloha to all of you raw food brothers and sisters!

I wanted to let you all know about this magic that is creating this days down in the jungle of Hawaii.

An Eco village created all from recycled materiel, using solar energy and catchment water, A land that provide all fruit you can ever dream of.

A vegan raw food community, living together sharing the love to nature, to food, to healthy simple life style and above all to life.

we gather food together from the jungle, we go hiking together on this amazing island and we party together with music, big fire circles and lots of raw fresh cacao!!!

We have private camps and dorm available, everything is just so amazingly comfortable and hommy.

Please check it out, you wont be sorry, believe me! (still working on it.....)

or, in our myspace:

We are looking for new people to make this community even better, come and share your talents your life your love.


  • Oh man, if I were younger!!!

  • Age is just a number...

    We have people of all ages all colors, international, kids, babys, grandparents exc...

    so now you just need to choose



  • It looks like a dream come true.

    I am considering vacationing there this summer, since I have an almost 7 year old and I don't want to pull her out of school for a vacation. Your myspace page indicates people can rent a campsite for a month at a time. I guess my question is, how hot is it in the summer? I've never been to Hawaii in the summer, and not at all in decades, so I just don't know.

    It seems very kid friendly (I noticed several children in your photos); and it seems like something I might actually be able to afford.

    any advice about timing, etc?

    thank you!

  • This look awesome! I would love to go, as soon as I could save up enough for a plane ticket? I assume we prepare our own foods, is the equiptment supplied or do we bring our own? Is there electricity? Can I bring my dogs?

  • This place sounds beautiful! I'm very interested! I'm graduating from high school this spring and am still undecided on where exactly I want to take my life (though I know raw food, herbal medicine, and as pure a being as possible will be in the picture). Is it alright to just come and visit first to see if you village is the place for me?

  • Aloha all,

    I have some answers to you:


    Summer timing is great. The truth is that any timing is great when you think about coming to HI :) right now we are in the middle of the raining season, it means that we have LOTS of rain but by mid march the sun will come out and everything will bloom and shine!

    The temperature are pretty much the same all year round so...

    We are very much kids friendly right now we have about 5 kids, different ages and they all play together in the kids space and all over the place.

    It is possible to rent a private campsite for $200 a month.


    We are an Eco-village, our power come from the sun, so on sunny days we have planty of electricety usualy after sun set.

    We make our own food and share it, usually we have dinners together at the community kitchen.

    and... sorry we have a no dog policy, although we love dogs!


    you can come and visit any time, we love visitors :)

    You are all wellcome to call us at:: 808-936-5875



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