how much is too much if I'm not following 80/10/10?

I'm semi-new but not all new when it comes to eating raw. I started out without knowing anything about 80/10/10 or mono meals. Somehow NON of the raw books i read ( and I read A LOT of them) said anything about watching the fat intake. I've been eating about 75% raw and trying to eat all my food in their natural form as much as possible, which means, I eat a lot of fruits and greens and I make smoothies with nut milk and avocados. I try not to eat too much dehydrated food or store bought raw treats. I was a calorie counter and I'm still worrying that I'm eating too much fat from all the nuts and seeds and avocados though. I learned about the 80/10/10 thing when reading the posts on the forum. I'm kind of intimidated by it and I don't know if I want to go that far now. According all the books i read, a lot of people are eating lots of nuts and seeds and still losing weight and feeling good, I want to be like that too. Can anyone tell me your daily menu and how much of what you're eating as a non-80/10/10 raw foodist? I would love to see some samples and see if i'm doing the right thing.


  • i hope kandace and ray won't mind, but i'd like to direct you to a couple of places that will maybe be very helpful in answering your 811 (80/10/10) questions

    firstly..... graham answers questions himself on this site and there are many 811'ers with many years worth of need to register, just post

    also , a great new internet community devoted to the high fruit/low fat lifestyle...

    i'm not suggesting leaving this community at happens to be one of the better of the 'general' raw forums/communities, i just feel that with the immense confusion and controversy that surrounds 811 it is better not to struggle in the dark when there are so many people out there thriving on it and waiting to help others succeed

    good luck everyone


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