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Lettuce in Green Smoothies anyone?

I was in a pinch this morning for greens, so I modified my usual morning smoothie as this:

1 mango

1 cup blueberries

5 leaves kale

1 cup spinach

2 leaves green lettuce

and it was really good - the lettuce made it creamier? if that makes sense. Does anyone else us lettuce in their smoothies?


  • I had lambs lettuce today for lunch as I ran out of spinach. It was also surprisingly good. Smoothies all the way I say!!

  • Yeah, I like lettuce in a smoothie, it just needs to have some kind of darker green as well, or it tastes kind of odd.

  • I use/rotate all kinds of variety of greens in my smoothies.... spinach, kale, green and red lettuce, romaine, parsley, celery tops, etc...you get the idea. Now I cant seem to make a smoothie without some kind of greens. Check out rawfamily.com Victoria and her family have lots of great smoothie ideas.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Lettuce in green juice is awesome.

  • oh yes, the Boutenko's are great! I was inspired to start doing green smoothies after I saw Victoria and Sergei talking about them on some youtube videos. I really want to get Sergei and Valya's new book too!

  • Victoria Boutenko's book Green for Life is all about using greens for smoothies--not only lettuce but radish, carrot, and beet tops, parsley, celery....the list goes on. These greens are nutritional powerhouses probably as good as any so called super foods. She also stresses the importance of alternating your greens. This book is what introduced me to RAW and is a must have book for any RAW foodist!! Like kniteangel, I find a smoothie is not complete unless it has greens in it.

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