Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hello Everyone! I met a wonderful person, Lucy and she told me that everyone on GONE RAW has the most friendliest and knowledgeable people ever. So I am 34 years old, diagnosis with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2007. I started my RAW adventure for the past two days. I am trying my best to make it for a full week without cheating, and hopefully another week will be another month, and another month will be another year..

My question is has anyone gone RAW for RA illness and does it work? or how is it going for you? and tips on what I should avoid and look forward to?

Thanks for the help everyone..


  • I have the symptoms of RA. I have eaten organic vegan raw for 5+ years. I am also up to about 99% raw. I find that with RA you do need to stay at a high raw diet to over come this problem. When a RA person is raw for awhile than eats foods they shouldn't, symptoms will come back with in 12 hours usually less. The body gets very sensitized to processed/cooked foods, sometimes even conventional grown food. I also have a water distiller and put liquid minerals back in. I have never used prescription pills for RA but I have used many other natural means to control the problem. I now only take MSM/Glucosamine. I did stop these for about a year but I learned these are so good for many other things that I take them again. I also take 1 Tab. Flax powder a day. Grind your own daily, a probiotic, Vit. D and a B 12.

    For me, eating raw and watching the allergy foods, keeps RA on the back burner with the temp. control turned off. It is still there but it is up to me not to turn on the back burner.

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