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I have a boy 2 yr old and a girl 1 yr old. After giving them breast milk,i change them to rice milk.My husband is vegan 8 yr ago and i'm working on it.Everything in our home is vegan and we also don't vaccinate the kids,but i wonder every day"are my kids getting enough nutrients,calcium and vitamins to grow healthy'??

This is a sample of their daily intake:


I blend 5 strawberries

1 banana

4 blueberries

1 kiwi

2 spoons of flax seed powder

and some of the baby's earth rice cereal

at noon i give a glass of juice vegetables(carrots,spinach's,tomatoes,red pepper,cucumber,celery and dandelion and parsley and i also add a juice apple for the sweet flavor)they drink it all and they love it(is the only juice they know besides orange and lemon)

for lunch then they eat basmati rice,with lentils and they also like hummus and tabouli.

They also eat some sunflower seeds,almond for snacks and i make them vegan cake,pankakes and vegan cookies.

They also snack on some peeled oranges and tangerines.

For dinner is mash sweet potatoes,or potatoes with some lentil cream soup or something like that.

and their bottle of rice milk 3 times a day.

am wondering is this a right diet for them??how do i know? any advice?? thanks!!!


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    I am raising my kids vegan with no vaccinating either. They are Linnea 3 and Oriana 2 (well 2 in about two weeks)

    Here is what we do, green smoothies in the morning with kale and spirulina. The spirulina has dha(for brain growth) and lots of protein so you should try to sneak that in. We also do organic hemp and almond along with rice milk b/c hemp is sooo high in omegas and protein plus we like to change it up to make sure they are getting everything. We use nutritional yeast for some b vitamins plus about once a week we take a liquid b-12 suppplement since that can be missing for vegans. We do lots of lentils and stir fry or steamed veggies and quinoa/ rice. We skip the cacao except as a special treat b/c our kiddos are soooo sensitive to it. I am starting to take a calcium magnesium supplement since I am pregnant along with an organic whole food prenatel (by Newchapter) I will let them have little amounts of the calcium if they want to try but most vegan milks are fortified with calcium so I am not too worried.

    Oh and they love Gojis and they are sooo good for you they have b-6 too and I consider them essential my husband likes to get them mulberries for their iron content and low sugar content.

    You are doing great just being so aware dont worry too much they will let you know if they need more. I have hunted for a kids vitamin and the best one I found is Floradix liquid vitamin for kids you can add it to smoothies or OJ its the only one that has no added sugar and does not look like gummy candy. But I have done the calculations on iron, dha, b vitamins etc and if your kids get some healthy algae like Spirulina or Chlorella and green juice or green smoothies then they will be great.

    Oh we also make our own yogurt with either young coconuts or organic coconut milk(mixed with rice so its not too thick) We get Newchapter Organics dairy free Probiotics (it comes loose in a jar for making yogurt its about 20 bucks for like 2 months worth) You just stir in the cultures and let it sit covered with a towel for 24-72 hours depending how you like it and YUMO the best vegan yogurt ever and you dont even need a sweetner b/c coconut milk is so sweet just top with berries and gRAWnola.

    I better go this is turning into a novel!

    Peace Light and good luck


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    Super Baby Food is a book that I found very useful when my daughter was a toddler. It lists lots of nutrition info and portions for toddlers, so you know how much they should be eating of which fruit and veggie, etc.

    It sounds like if your kids are eating it, and they are healthy, then it is good. :)

    Avocado is a great food alone or mixed in with lots of other foods; total superfood for toddlers.

  • malchusmommalchusmom Raw Newbie

    Thanks so much for responding vegan2raw and littlegems,you gave me there valuable info and i will try to get the stuffs you recommended.We want the best for our babies an dwe just want to see them healthy and getting every nutrient they need.

    I have a question,about the making of the yougurt,when you said you mix it with rice,is it cooked rice or the grains not cook?Thanks!

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    Oh its rice milk or any kind of vegan milk. I have found when I do it straight coconut it is almost too thick but if you want it like pudding then dont add anything. I have heard you can add water but I add the organic fortified rice milk b/c then it seems just like fatty whole milk yogurt. My hubby wants me to try it with almond milk or hemp milk but I like the coconut flavor and those might mess it up (in my opinion)

    Its super great to add some vanilla bean seeds if you got em.

    I hope you like it and your welcome!

    Thanks to littlegems from me 2 I am gonna look for that book that is one I have never heard of.

    You sound like a great thoughtful mom and I am certain if your concerned and aware they will get all they need and more

    Keep it up there needs to be more of us

  • Oh my God!!! All of you guys gave WONDERFUL information!!! I needed this so much! I have a one year old, I'm a pescatarian... as of four months ago... trying to work my mind into full on vegitarian... wondering if I could ever be fully raw... so far... my one year old son is vegan... breastfed and eats gerber veggies... I give him bananas, no juice, he loves avacado, hummus, and mashed potatoes... just feel worried... but you guys gave me wonderful ideas... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Really I'm ready to cry I was so worried now that he's getting older and I know I should be moving him away from gerber.

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    if i were raising an infant home made nut n seed milks would be a huge percentage of diet , alone or with fruit blended in . ide also use nut n seeds to make raw crusts to be topped with raw fruit or use the ground nut n seeds to make granola bars mixed with dry fruit like raisins n dates to glue together . dark green juices n raw greens would be featured . and variety of fruits . cooked things would be steamed vegi - brown rice - boiled potato - dry beans - oatmeal , but not alot of . also micro greens n sprouts . only drinking water - raw juices n nut/seed milks . bananas n avacados are filling n raw . the ground nut n seed based granola bars are filling n raw . home made trail mix too

  • Without vaccinating? It could be very dangerous.

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