New to Sprouting Question

I'm new to sprouting, and have some alfalfa sprouts and mung beans on the go. I soaked them Saturday, and started to let them sprout on Sunday, I've been rinsing them twice a day, so I'm wondering when I should start eating them? The alfalfa is well on its way, but the mung beans look as if the sprouts should be much longer (like the conventional bean sprouts in the store, which are much longer). Just wondering anyones thoughts on this. Thanks!


  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    You will not be able to get mung to naturally grow as long as the one's in the store; they aren't natural. You should harvest your sprouts in 3 to 7 days; some folks say day 6 is optimal. I typically prefer day five for most kinds, but day three for mung. Taste each time you rinse, and decide for yourself when you like them best.

    You may also want to do the mung in the dark. Some folks want them to stay white, like the ones in the store. Light makes them green up, with a tinge of purple. Mung can tend to get bitter when that happens. But, do keep in mind, that they (all sprouts) are more nutritious when greened.

    There is a group over on Yahoo, for sprouting. We talk some about other stuff too: gardening, raw, juicers, and other topics have come up lately.

    Have fun with your new venture!


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