NEW FEATURE: Recipe Drafts and Other Improvements

We just added the ability to make draft versions of your recipes. This is cool for a couple reasons. First, you can mess around with a recipe without anyone seeing it! If a recipe is in draft mode, it doesn’t show up in any of the recipe lists. This is also cool if you have a recipe idea you’re working on, but aren’t quite ready to share it with everyone just yet. Maybe you’re waiting for a photo. Maybe it’s in the dehydrator right now, and you’re waiting to see how it tastes!

If you look on your profile page, you’ll also see a new link called My Recipes on the right side. There you can see your recipe drafts. You can view or edit your draft recipes in there just like any other one. Nobody else can see that page, it’s just for you.

Another change is that you can reorder the ingredients in your recipes, by simply dragging and dropping them, when you’re editing the recipe. This was something we really wanted to see, and hopefully it will be helpful.

We have more changes on the way for the recipes. Obviously, this is the most important part of Gone Raw, so we’re trying to get it just right! Please, do let us know what you think. There’s still some kinks to be worked out (Kandace has found a few already), but with your help, we expect to have them all ironed out this week.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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