What's going on in Southern California: July 11-18th?


I will be in Southern Cali for the next week. Is there anything going on? I've looked online, but I do not see anything.

Is there a place that anyone can recommend. Any restaurants that serve raw food and vegetarian foods (my husband is not raw, but he will eat vegetarian food).

Is there a place that has a good selection of Raw Food books?

I will be based in Riverside, but I will most likely be in LA. Are there any new funky spots in Venice and Santa Monica?



  • Hi Flinzz Yea, Santa Monica has many raw friendly restaurants! My fav is Julianos Raw restaurant, leaf cuisine is great…and the Co-Op has a yummy selections of premade dishes too! Good luck!

  • Thanks! It is so nice to be back in Southern Cali!!! I went to the fruit market when I got off the plane!

    What is the Co-Op?

  • Wish I’d seen this post sooner. There are 14 (!) raw restaurants in Southern California, the best of which (IMHO) is Au Lac in Fountain Valley. Cru in Silverlake is also good as is the new 118 Degrees in Costa Mesa. RAWvolution in Santa Monica has a unique, community feel to it, Leaf Cuisine in Culver City is consistent and affordable (and everything’s organic), and Terra Bella in Redondo Beach has fantastic desserts and a loyal following.

    For a complete list with websites, go to:


    Next time, flinzz78!

  • Thanks! I’m back in MD. Next time!

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