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Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are new to raw and doing a 30 day trial to see how it affects us. We set up a blog to document everything: . We hope to connect with anyone who has an opinion, but especially want the site to provide support to mainstream people thinking about going even a little raw - people like us who used to eat whatever we wanted, like to drink, and have 8-5 office jobs with judgmental co-workers!

Hope to talk to some of you soon,



  • Welcome Kelly

    I'm new to raw myself. This site and the people here are AWESOME. Very caring, informative, encouraging, and non-judgemental! It's great that your husband is doing it with you...kudos to you both. i'm going to check out your link you have listed.

    [edited] Your blog is impressive. WOW you guys went all out with the kitchen gizmos. I only have a Jack Lalaine juicer and a cuisinart blender/food processor combo thing LOL I do want to get a hi power juicer BUT cleanup needs to be EASY. I don't use my juicer that often becasue of the cleanup and dismantling and reattaching blah blah blah.

    I tried to click on that green smoothie challenge said page not found :( so do you have a diff addie for it?? I am intersted in checking it out.

    Best of luck!



  • KellyJKellyJ Raw Newbie

    Hi! Thanks for checking out the blog! The right link is , I have the hubby updating it now (I'm blocked from doing it at work!)

    Anyway yeah, the gadgets were made possible by a generous x-mas gift from the in-laws, but none of it is really necessary. Here's my rundown:

    juicer - we got a hand me down one but don't ever use it. I like smoothies better and besides, why leave all the good pulp behind?

    blender - we had a standard blender which I thought made fine smoothies, but nathan wanted the fancy one, it was his x-mas money so I said whatever. I guess the standard blender wouldn't make ice cream or nut butters but it's not really necessary.

    dehydrator - i'm really glad we have it because I like the bread sorts of stuff. the smaller ones are not too expensive, maybe $125?

    spiralizer - completely unnecessary. sort of fun but I don't see us using it a ton, i'd rather just dip carrot or zucchini chunks into whatever sauce I make.

    hope that helps, keep visiting, your feedback is really appreciated!


  • PirawnaPirawna Raw Newbie

    blending your soul if you gaze into the Vitamix! Ha! My VM is my pride and joy I got over 10 years ago.

    Leftover veggie pulps from the juicer can be put into your crackers that you dehydrate.

    Ezekial tortillas are not raw, but I like that the grains are sprouted and live before cooked. I am not 100% raw so I do have those tortillas. And Trajer Joe's has some wonderful sprouted bread and pasta that I occasionally have.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    i'm commenting on your blog now. Thanks for blogging!

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