Anybody with thyroid issues

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I was diagnose with hypothyroidism and 2 nodules on the thyroids back in agust last year(08).Since i've been taking levothyroxine every morning.My levels went back to normal,my goiter(enlargement of the thyroid gland)went down,but I HATE TAKING THAT MED EVERY DAY!!!!

I'm reading a book"Evil Medicine"by Richard Dennis,(OMG anybody that takes any meds should read this book)is a trully eye opener,i notice i'm making my body toxic by taking this pill,and not much to say,right after i started taking the meds,i started feeling some kind of discomfort on my liver area.I'm detoxing my body and trying to eat as much raw as possible,but this is the only stone i see and have on my way.

I want to stop taking this TODAY!!!!but i wanted to know if anyone here have done this before? if you do,do u supplement with anything else?I don't have thee money right now to go to a naturopath doctor. I'm a bit scared if i stop taking this BS medication my symptoms will return(anxiety,headaches,mood swing,goiter,etc)but at the same time knowing i'm puting something synthetic in to my body is killing me(full of toxins).

Any comments please,i really appreciate it. Thanks! God Bless!!


  • Yep, I've gone off my meds (levothyroxine and liothyronine--both for my hypothyroidism) and felt bad. Why don't you get the book, "Living Well With Hypothyroidism" by Mary Shomon. In the book, she discuss alternative options besides taking levothyroxine. If you're thyroid isn't working then you've got to take something--synthetic, natural or whatever....

    You aren't making your body toxic by taking the levothyroxine.

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