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Are you doing your part?

the term “tree huger” was probably made up by ppl that are not so environmentally friendly so im not too fond of that term … but what are YOU doing to help out the environment?

since i have been 70% raw for last month .. i have been even more concious of the environment (polution, smog, unpredictable weather patterns .. etc).

when i was a younger i used to litter all the time .. throw out blastic water bottles on the side of the road .. wrappers .. what ever .. i’d throw it .. and not in the garbage. i know .. pretty bad, but i have stoped that years ago as i started to realise how stupid that really was.

after seeing the movie “inconvenient truth” by Al Gore last year, my eyes have been WIDELY opened to the point where im quite concerned for us. SO i’ve recently baught 2 recycling bins .. one for paper goods and one for plastic and glass. today i have also purchased (for 0.99cent) one of those President Choice Canada Green shopping bag. the items i fit in there today while shopping could have gone in to about 6 plastic bags. what a difference THIS one time mad with just ONE purchase … imagine if i do all of my shopping like this? what a difference that would make .. and if every one else did this.

we all can do our part. we are health concious … lets be earth concious too :D


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    What our family does for the environment:

    1. re-usable shopping totes 2. re-use produce and bulk bags 3. recycle 4. compost 5. garden 6. moved and adjusted our lifestyle so we work from home so we don’t have to drive to work 7. We are working towards having just one family car that runs on biodeisel or veggie oil 8. raising our children to be enviro. savvy/”green” 9. No chemical products (cleaners, pesticides/herbicides,shampoos, soap, make- up, etc.) 10. we all went raw!

  • Since going raw we have really altered our whole lifestyle as well. Definitely no more chemical products of any kind from cleaners to shampoo it’s all natural for us. We also made the commitment to only buy fairly made or second hand clothing, in fact we try to get everything second hand if we can. There is already so much out there that with a little creativity you can get almost anything you need without buying it new. Plus they sat that if only 2% of consumers changed their shopping habbits to not support unfairly made items big corporations would be forced to take notice and start treating their workers more fairly. This seems even more important to me now that I have a child, I don’t want little children making my children’s clothing! We also compost, recycle, ride bikes, etc and are working towards getting some land so we can build our totally natural, environmentally friendly cob house and grow all our own food. Yay!

  • Do you think the cooked food puts you in a haze where you may not see the earths need, and when the haze is lifted you see clearly and are more aware, intouch and proactive. By being raw there are some really Hug the Earth things you are doing. Non-consumption of animal product, eating organic when possible, giving proper fuel to our bodies so we consume less. Saving energy by not baking, cooking and microwaving( don’t know if by dehydrating though if it evens out?), fruits and vegies are available free of additional packaging. Plus on top of it I think most of us, it sounds, understand to use less , reuse more, and drive less. Raw is healthy for Mother Earth and her children!

  • Yes I do think cooked food puts us in a haze!It’s like being numbed. I am so much clearer since going raw and it’s only the beginning…Anyway, I want to get some cute fabrics and make my own shoppping bags. Maybe others will notice how cute they are and will want to do the same!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Being green by eating greens: New Scientist article… “It’s better to green your diet than your car”: http://environment.newscientist.com/article/mg1…

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