Time management and raw lifestyle?

CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

I hope this isn't too off topic, but... I have a big problem with procrastination and time management. I don't know if it is a fear and intimidation of what I am doing, or what.

I live in France and study philosophy in French, which is not my native language. It's really hard. We have loads and loads of work to do and I have to do it all in another language and a system I'm not used to. I think it's intimidating me or something, because I try to ingore it til the last minute by making raw stuff, doing yoga, etc. However, I cannot just take care of my health. I need to fit this other stuff in.

Anyway, for this semester I have loads of stuff to do, then in juin I have to retake some exams I failed due to this lack of good ... living skills (luckily they give you one chance to retake a failed exam).

Does anyone have any tips to help me manage my time and still do yoga and raw, without which I don't feel well?

Sort of a dumb question, please don't just tell me to grow up and get things under control...


  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    I guess I'm just freaking out a little because suddenly I imagine myself married, with kids, dreaming of the Phd I never did!

    I don't think I overestimate myself, there has got to be some way to change.

    I did an entire degree in literature without studying. This is the problem. I am used to not having to work to get what I want.


  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    Dont freak out - you can do it!

    I can kind of relate by thinking back to my GCSE's and A- Level's, and the fact I could rarely get myself to sit down and properly study for the exams. I'd find anything/everything to fill my time rather than work. For my GCSE's, I barely needed to do any revising, but A-Levels were a different matter. One thing which did help motivate me was the thought that I may fail them and not get to move away to University. The last thing I wanted was to stay at home with my parents when all my mates went off to Uni. The fact you don't want to regret never doing your Phd, should help to motivate you.

    I also planned a schedule with study/fun stuff in and tried to stick to it as best as I could. So maybe, you can plan out some study sessions, then plan in yoga/raw prep time around it. You have to do the study before you can do the other stuff. Know it may sounds obvious, but once your plan is in wriring, pinned up somewhere visable, it becomes harder to ignore/cheat.

    Good luck - I'm sure you'll do fine.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Time management outside the box...I went through a phase where my productive hours changed radically. I couldn't concentrate and was constantly interrupted during my workday. I started taking work home to do in the evening, and found I could get eight hours done in five or less. Then I slacked all day at the office, surfed the 'net, shopped online, etc. I maximized my productive time and didn't beat myself up for being unproductive at other times.

    If not your day, maybe your week could be organized differently, assuming you work relatively independently and don't have to show up to daily classes. Most of us are conditioned to work Monday to Friday and relax Saturday and Sunday - but there is no law forcing us to do this. Maybe you would be better off spending time on yourself Tuesday through Thursday, making lots of food for the week, getting your workouts and errands in, and then study Friday through Monday. Or every other day - one day of work, one day of rest.

    I think these kinds of plans work because you always have your "slack off" time to look forward to, and you convince yourself that you have to earn it.

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