Best pregnancy supplement?

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What is the best supplement to take to support a pregnancy?

I have to visit a pregnant friend tomorrow and do NOT wanna show up without a gift!!!!!! Last minute!!

Also, a little explanation of why it is good for pregnancy. She is due in June.



  • As far as supplements or vitamins, when I was pregnant my midwife prescribed prenatal vitamins for me. I would just take her a nice selection of fruit (but maybe that's because that is what I would want someone to bring me. I like fruit:-)

    Whatever you take her will be appreciated, I'm sure. She'll be pleased you cared enough to bring something.

  • get her some Red Raspberry Leaf tea... loose leaf is best... and some Nettles loose leaf tea too. They are perfect to drink throughout pregnancy and boost up on Vitamin K for the baby, as well as great source of nutrition. Also great when Breastfeeding. ;)

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    Thanks, littlegems.

    Does it help with milk production? That's a great idea...

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    vitamineralgreen powder

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    You may find Kristen's blog post from June last year interesting:

    At the end it reads:

    Update 12/1/08:

    I have been looking at New Chapter PreNatals and it looks like those might be the answer.

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