chunky green coconut smoothie

I know this may sound funky but I threw it together and it was a RAWkin good time.

I don't have a HI-power blender only a Breville ikon 750 watt blender and its a loaner at that hahha but anywhoooo here's what I did...

@ half of a blanco coconut

1/4 soaked pumpkin seeds

about half a handful of raw cacao nibs

filled blender with organic spring leaf mix

TBsp of raw wildflower honey

so blended the coconut first left a bit chunky, threw in the seeds and cacao nibs and blended down a little more, filled carafe to top with greens and had to add water accordingly...then put in the honey. Blended more but left a little on the thicker side almost like a pudding...poured it out and started was so deeelightful.

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