Tips for detox/cleansing and getting back on raw?

Well, it seems that college habits have caught up to just an uncomfortable range. Eating out and the school cafeteria are the usual suspects.

I've maintained a consistently vegan diet full of fresh organic raw produce. However, the habits of college have caught up and I am noticing symptoms of sluggishness and weight gain. I'm looking to get back on the full living-foods lifestyle.

I've come to this forum in search of any particularly effective detox/cleanse methods. Herbs? Teas?

And any tips on staying raw?

All support and responses are appreciated.





  • I definitely feel ya on all that. Being in college and having 6 roommates that all eat SAD around me all the time tempts me!! I feel like almost every night I decide that "tomorrow" will be the start of better, more fully raw eating. I know that I feel best when I eat raw and I am trying to be patient and easy on myself and to listen to my body.

    I also enjoy sipping on hot tea especially when it is cold out...the Yogi Tea brand is my recent favorite and they have a tea called Peach Detox which has a mild flavor...If I enjoy a cup of tea slowly, it helps me relax and get a feel for whether I am actually hungry or not. Their Meditative Time flavor is also yummy.

    Good luck! Just take it one day at a time adding more and more raw until it becomes habit : )

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