Any ideas on how to recreate the most deliciously raw bagel in the world?

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Hi there,

I just had a raw rosemary olive bagel and cream cheese from Euphoria Loves Rawvolution and am in love! Now the ingredients for the bagel are simply rosemary, almonds, zucchini, flax, and olives. I was wondering if any one had any ideas on how to recreate the bagel (proportions and all). I think I can handle the raw cream cheese part which was cashews, apple cider vinegar and salt. But oh my, there was sage and slices of onion and tomato! I can't remember the last time I ate a bagel and cream cheese but this was sooooooooo good (I feel like I must be drooling while I type this).



  • i think poemom has a recipe on here.

  • Poemomm’s – Authentically Onion Bagels -

  • oh my gosh....I have been hooked on these rosemary bagels and am in love! Been trying to find a duplicate recipe forever and no luck. Did you ever find 1? Would love to know the nutrition info too.....well, maybe not, haha

  • I'm sorry I don't get it, not really on topic either but I'm just curious.

    Why imitate a cream cheese bagel (something like a vegatarian hamburger)?

    I have that problem with more raw-foodish things like ice-cream, milk, bread, wine etc. why imitate food that made you sick in the first place?

    If you really really want a cream cheese bagel (I hear some homer simpson noises now 8) ) why not eat the best quality real bagel you can get once a month or so (and after that be sick for the rest of the day 8) )?

  • RawEverything- The reason I like to make "replacements" is so as a raw foodist I don't feel deprived of my favorite foods I know and love. I would love a raw bagel w/ cream cheese and NOT have the feeling of illness after. Why can't we have our cake and EAT it too?

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