Canning vegetables/fruits

I was on this site well over a year ago and read a forum about how to can vegetables without cooking them by using fermentation, does anybody know what I'm talking about? I remember there was also a book mentioned that I can remember the name of. Also, when it comes to fruit, does anybody know any tips techniques? My roommates make apple sauce which requires a lot of cooking time that I'd like to cut down to a minimum at the very least.



  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Beany Beegan and Waterbaby had a discussion last summer on a Food Saver thread that included some information on fermentation. I think Beany mentioned a book. Try an Advanced Search. Searching for just fermentation gets about 10 pages of threads and includes discussions about candida. You'll need to either "plow" through the list or refine the search a bit.

    My response bumps this to the homepage. Maybe someone with more information will see it and reply.

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