Who here has dreadlocks? how long have you had them?

I've been wanting to get locks for quite some time now but I keep having set backs.

but they are back the front of my mind again, and was wanting to get some tips on going about getting them and maintaining them.

Yes i know about knottyboy - i was wanting to get their kit and have a friend help me....


  • I used to have dreadlocks for about 7 years, and they ended up very long. My reasons for growing them were spiritual, and they really helped me set myself apart from society in a way that was important for me at the time.

    However, the weight of them was a problem, and I lost a lot of hair at the top of my head from the hair being pulled back in dreads.

    I would really check in with yourself about your reasons why you want them; if it is because of how cool they look, imagine how you'll look with a big bald spot on your head! Not saying that you WILL lose a lot of hair, but it is possible.

    I didn't use a kit, but I did braid my hair and back comb it it and then rub each braid between my hands. It looked really messy for the first year, but then they grew in nice.

    good luck on your journey.

  • I have dreadlocks for 3.5 years now, I grow them for spiritual reason and as a symbol of my way as a Rasta, because of that I grew them naturally, no back combing and nothing else, just let time&nature do their own, I not a big fan of all the unnatural ways of creating locks as in my opinion it really goes against the basic concept of them, especially if its just for fashion and looks.

  • I had dreadlocks I had locked myself for about six months; I have caucasian hair, so it was actually a lot of work to keep them dreaded and locked nicely. I had to backbrush daily and ad wax and roll them out; sometimes I would wrap them in yarn for a really cool look that also helped them lock up even more.

    I liked having them, but as I said, they were SO time consuming for hair that does not naturally do that; I thought that it would be LESS time consuming to have dreads, but boy was I wrong.

    After six months of having them, I actually brushed them out...it was painstaking and took hours and I lost a LOT of hair and created a lot of split ends, but in the end, I didn't have to shave my head. I couldn't beleive that I was able to brush them out as much as I was, because they had seemed so locked up for those six months!

    But hey, in the end I can say I've tried it. I think dreads are beautiful and they take time before they start to look right, and they're also a spiritual way to wear your hair that does set you apart from the rest of society, as the people above say. Good luck, if you do it!

    I used Deadhead HQ for the wax, which is non beeswax which is good because beeswax actually attracts bees in the summer which is not fun, and I also used pure Castile soap to wash with and spritzed my dreads with saltwater. Pretty much anything bad and drying for your hair right now will be good for dreads.

    Good luck!

  • Oh and keep in mind, when you dread your hair it will become SO much shorter than your hair originally was. Don't expect your dreads to be as long as your hair is now. I was surprised at how much they shortened up.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    seems you have to have curly hair to make it work. mine would be too much work since my hair is straight. i think they look good on many people though.

  • Mine's curly, and it didn't seem to be any easier! But then again I have loose curls and not tight curls. Maybe that makes a difference?

  • dblvsgrgdblvsgrg Raw Newbie

    I like the aloe vera idea.

    I had 'em twice, first time over a decade ago and used Dredhead HQ, which worked great. Bleached 'em too much one time though and half of my hair melted off at the scalp.

    I wanted them again six years ago but wanted to do 'em naturally (but fast). I think I just soaked my hair (especially at the scalp) in really thick salt water and lemon juice and did quite a bit of back combing and palm rolling, but not near as much as the first time w/ the products. My hair seemed to want to dred up on it's own (and I have very fine, straight, oily caucasian hair). I just made sure to keep seperating them. Anyway, they took off fast, and no wax that time around. I remember I went into this vegan restaraunt and the guy behind the counter (who had dreds down to his ass) said "Wow, your dreds look good. What's it been, about four months?" I said "No, four days."

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