Read and watch! Important to be aware of this stuff!

On weekends and into the late hours of week nights I sift through google and youtube to find out about what governments and the medical community is doing to us through food, drugs, vaccines, and any other misc. way. I feel like I should share some of my findings with others by posting this thread with a few links. I hoe you can take the time to watch and read them, and let me know what you think. Ignorance isn't bliss, its deadly! I love this earth and the all the people in it. We are sentient beings that should be treated kindly and fairly.

Pt.1 -

Pt. 2 -

Pt. 3 -

Pt. 4 -

Pt. 5 -

Pt. 6 -

Pt. 7 -

Pt. 8 -

Pt. 9 -

Pt. 10 -

Pt. 11 -

Pt. 12 -

Pt. 13 -

Pt. 14 -

Pt. 15 -

I have SO many more links. If anyone wants more let me know.

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