The New Update!!!!

So, the two best things I loved about this and now are gone site were-


I gotta see the pictures, otherwise the size everything is now is just negated by my eyes, and makes searching through here alot different


It is just way to overwhelming trying to find recipes on here, to the point I just give up because of frustration and time. I liked being able to click on what machines I am looking for, and then typing any key words I'm looking for.

It's just ridiculous to me to have to go to the advanced search and type in the "containing none of these words"....process processor blend blender dehydrate dehydrator, and even then you get recipes if you not looking to use any electricity or machines, people sneakily use "puree".... :)

Anyway, just some of my thoughts- I don't come on here much since these changes, they were really important to me using this site!

..I would also love to bask in seeing my one recipe I contributed on my account page, maybe I'll add more if I can see what I've done already!



sorry if this has already been brought up...I was in a rush!

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