V8 vegetable juice

I absolutely love and crave V8 tomato juice every morning.I would love to know how to make the juice myself without the added ingredients. Any suggestions?


  • funny that you mention this, i was just looking around for a few ideas myself! there is a v11 recipe on this site, or you could try this: http://www.chetday.com/blog/2006/02/v8-juice-recipe.htm

    there seem to be a lottt of v8 recipes on google, so you could look other ideas up, too. you can use sea salt instead of regular salt and agave or dates instead of sugar.

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    do you need to add sweeteners if you use carrot juic? I find carrot juice to be very sweet already... just an idea :)

  • haha that too :)

  • Here is what I like to do with the classic ingredients

    6 carrots and half a beet juiced

    blended with

    3 Roma tomatoes

    romaine lettuce




    stalk of celery - more celery for more salty flavor

    I really like this because it is filling.

    The lettuce, spinach and watercress often get swapped out with other greens such as kale.

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