"The dirty dozen"...what about nuts?

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With what's going on with California Almonds these days, it has me wondering...what about other nuts? There seems to be lists showing the "dirty dozen" (pesticide levels) for fruits and veggies, but I've never seen mention of nuts. Anybody have any info?


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    I usually buy organic when available, but sometimes it's not practical. I'd really like to know which nuts, other than almonds, I should be avoiding when organic is not available.

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    Anybody? Nobody? ;)

  • I'm not much help as my knowledge is NOT verified but...... As far as I know, Tree Nuts are not sprayed as they don't require fertilizer or pesticides... Google would probably have the correct answer if you are really in need of the information...

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    Thanks, waterbaby. I'll do that. Was hoping that if there was some issue, similar to almonds (chemical pasteurization), folks here would know.


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