Which Vitamix should I get?

Hello, friends!

So, my birthday is coming up and my parents have agreed to chip in on a Vitamix blender for me!

I can't tell you how excited I am to own my own Vitamix. I am posting to ask if any of you could help me out with what model Vitamix to buy. I don't know much about Vitamix, except for the fact that they are the best : )

I heard Sam's Club is selling them for around $375, but my Mother has yet to let me know what model they are selling.

So, please feel free to share any advice you have regarding Vitamix, whether it's a direct answer to my question or a fun recipe : ) Thanks in advance!!


  • Blenders of all varieties have been discussed, use the search button and see what you find out... I have a Waring Xtreme and would not trade it for any other, but that's me.... Happy blending!!!

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