Green Smoothies Rawk! 40 FREE Green Smoothie & Energy Soup Recipes

Some of you have already received the free Green Smoothie & Energy Soup eBook and Inga's Mp3 Album Download. I hope those of you who received the ebook are enjoying your smoothies as you listen to Inga's amazing music! I'd like to invite you all to pass on the information to all of your family and friends. I want to get as many people as possible started on green smoothies!! I've witnessed so many positive health changes for so many people since first reading Victoria Boutenko's book, 'Green for Life' almost 4 years ago. Please pass on the information to anyone that you can think of that would benefit from adding more fruits and vegetables to their lives. They don't have to make a major change in their diet with the green smoothies, so they may take you up on the offer to improve their health with little effort and maybe you could even make a green smoothie for them and let them experience how great they taste! That's usually the best way to encourage them to give it a try. This offer will end in just a few days (goes until March 22 at Midnight)

Here's all the info:

I'm offering a special gift to everyone that signs up for my blog post in the next 5 days. You can check out

my website at to learn more about

You will receive our Level I Green Smoothie and Energy Soup eBook, along with Inga's Spread the Love

Mp3 Album Download!

I thought this would be a great time to introduce you to over 40 recipes for Green Smoothies

and Energy Soups to energize you for the coming of Spring!


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