What to take hiking/camping?

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Does anybody have any good ideas about what to take camping for a week at a time, or for a 3 day hike in backcountry?



  • I am also going on a camping trip and was worried about what to bring. I eat SOO much fruit, but I don't want to have to carry it on my back. I was thinking nuts, bananas, raw energy bars, and dried fruits. Obviously, fresh fruit and veggies would be ideal, but just plain heavy!

  • http://www.hiking-gear-and-equipment-used-for-camping.com/camping-food.html

    Looks like dehyrated/ freeze dried is good. I was also thinking that nuts and seeds are compact, and rice and oatmeal would give a good load of cals for the space they take up.

  • hi folks,

    last summer i did a 3 day hiking trip int the alps carrying apples only for food. well, i had 2 lb of dried plums along and some almonds but never touched them. i admit, the first day the pack was heavy, but i´m used to that and don´t mind it much. i did save weight in leaving pots and stove at home, and i threw out the water after 1 hr into the hike. never drank a drop in those 3 days. what was most amazing to me was that i got perfectly fine through a day of rain and almost freezing and hiking 18 hrs in the wet and cold. and the next day i had sunshine and it was hot. both days were fun to hike on apples. never felt hungry or thirsty. and the best is yet to come. i never felt sore like i did all the years before. no sore joints, no sore muscles. amazing.

    3 days i think is ok to carry. for a longer period, well it will be much pain. the best bet would be to find food that grows along the trail. i consider dried fruit and nuts only second choice but would definitely take it if i could not carry enough fresh food. i would definitely NOT carry rice or freeze dried food. its not raw, it needs a stove plus fuel, plus pot....

    have fun on your trip

    happpy trails

    lucky luke

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