Minor Updates Tonight, Saturday March 21st!

Time for a little bit of spring cleaning!

Gone Raw will undergo some maintenance this evening. This will include minor updates to all of the system software. During the hour or two that the update is taking place, the website will be inaccessible. It shouldn't take too long, and should hopefully fix a few small issues we've been seeing. Who knows!

I will post updates before and after I do the work on the website. Have a lovely day!


  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Ray, thanks for the update. A couple of questions / concerns:

    1. Will the "Feedback" link be coming back?

    2. Is there a "fix" in the works so the initial post of a new thread appears on the homepage? As it stands now, nothing goes to the homepage until someone replies. For example: Until I responded, this thread sat on the Forums page. Once there were 10 threads with more recent activity, the only people who saw it were those who browsed through the Forums by topic as I just did. In the 2.5 hours between your initial post and my post (which I am now editing) 9 people viewed the thread.

    I really appreciate all you and Kandace do to make this site available. Even with its occasional glitch, it's still the best on the web.

  • Looks like we won't be able to work on this until tomorrow, the update will be postponed for a day.

    Thanks for the kind words! The Feedback link may be coming back, not sure. I was totally unaware of the issue with the threads on the home page, I'll definitely see if I can fix that.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Ray, I really like that the recipe replies show up on the homepage along with the threads. I wish we could see a combination of the most recent activity on threads and recipes (not the individual replies, just the titles) on the homepage . . . like we currently have on the Forums page, but including recipe titles as well. Having the recent recipe activity on the homepage has cued me to a lot of older recipes that I might not have taken note of before.

    Good luck with the updates tonight. And again, thanks for all your hard work.


  • The updates are complete, for now. No extra features were added yet. Please let me know if you run into any issues as a result of these updates!

  • OK, there were a few teensy tiny issues. Like, no-one could post on the forums! Also, the look of the forums has been messed up, so I'll have to fix that in the next day or two. Hopefully, that's all!!

  • Hi rawdiva51~~~ I just tried to search for cheese cake and forums came up with recipes, a ton of info... So I did an Advanced search for cheese cake and checked the "recipe" box... Volie` recipes for cheese cake and cheese were instantly before my eyes... smile

    Hope this helps solve your frustration... smile

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    It does take a little practice and experimenting, but the site has some awesome features now. Click here for some tips and hints on using the new features. Reply #13 in particular gives some pointers on doing recipe searches.

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