Extra plant protein to build muscle??

Is large amounts of protein safe to eat when working out to build muscle??

The China Study links animal proteins to various chronic disease, but it doesn't say much about high protein plant based diets.

Obviously I am referring to cooked plant foods like beans for extra protein.

There probably aren't many studies on this, but any opinions are appreciated.



  • Too much of any protein will place added burden on the kidneys. Though, since you're working out then your body will definitely need the added nutrients from exercise. I personally believe in "slow and steady wins the race", instead of consuming a few scoops extra of protein a day just go with a shake after a work out in addition to whatever else you eat throughout the day.

  • Just to follow up with this post:

    I'm at the end of week number 8 in the p90x program (it's a recovery week) and I am experiencing all the symptoms of overtraining.

    Although I have gained in size, I am most likely NOT getting enough protein.

    I may need to supplement the protein, which I have been doing naturally with 4 tbsp of hemp seed.

    But I do not believe I am getting enough, which is probably why bodybuilders keep saying to consume extra protein or else experience burn out, since the muscles will not be able to fully repair themselves.

    So , I do not know what to believe, but I have been craving higher cals and higher protein foods.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Once again you and I are on the same wavelength, Rawcanadian. I try for low protein to reduce the risk of various protein-related diseases, and I've never heard whether plant protein has the same impact.

  • Yes, well I worked out and my muscles were sore for 4-5 days afterwards. Obviously bananas are not going to help build and recuperate the muscle before the next workout and with the overtraining symptoms such as the one I just described, as well as headaches, fatigue, etc, I must assume that my body is missing something.

    I did buy some supplements (plant protein 25 g -- 110 cals - six ingredients) which is a powder.

    Unfortunately whether this helps with healing my muscles will not be known for several weeks, but I can report back then. For now I will continue training and see what happens.

    The China Study does say "animal protein" , and as far as I know doesn't mention plant protein as the cause to various chronic diseases.

    Kind of like animal fat is bad, and plant fat is good.

    Another interesting thing I read is about electrolytes, which would be sodium in the body. Working out, and doing cardio (which is part of my program) will cause sweat. When the sweat is released from the body, sodium comes out with the sweat. If the sodium in body goes too low, then electrolytes go out of balance, which means that sodium intake would have to be increased. ( this is the reason why athletes drink gatorade)

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    I started taking the sunwarrior protein to help out my workouts. So far I love it. I only do one scoop a day right now (which is an extra 15g of protein)

    And that is true about the salt thing. You need to replace your electrolytes after a workout. Apple, romaine and celery juice is awesome after a run. Celery juice is more hydrating than water due to its high sodium content.

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