I have had a red face for years now and quite frankly I am sick of it. Some of it is leftover zit marks that I am hoping to fade with sunblock and topical creams, but the rest is just this never ending chronic redness.

What can I do about this? Will a raw food diet eliminate this? What is wrong with my body that my face looks like this?

I am caucasian, but not super pale and have dark hair and eyes. I am the only person in my family with this extreme redness, and quite frankly the only person I know with it.

It gets worse when I am embarassed or hot, of course, but all day long it looks uneven and blotchy and emphasizes other flaws in my skin.

I am beyond frustrated about this. What can I do?

I do not have rosacea or any bumps, really, just this ugly redness.

Any suggestions?

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