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I see many posts popping regarding weight gain, body building\working out and things of that sort, so thought I'd share what works for me.

So a little about myself, been an organic vegan for 4 years, and 100% raw 5 months+1month in transition, I'm pretty skinny(173cm 54kg) and have been all my life, so are the rest of my family and I do lots of exercise,I do Thai-Boxing, Yoga, I run and lift weights, for some time now, even before going raw I was trying to gain weight, but was struggling, no matter how much I ate, and what I ate, even the fattiest nastiest things, just couldn't gain any, on raw I was eating around 3500-4000 calories a day and nothing after a while I started searching for a way, I saw many advice about eating more, less often, and also increasing nuts\seed&greens intake while reducing sweet fruits a bit, was a bit hard since I basically used to eat all day long, I had 2-3 large meals and was snacking really throughout the whole day, now after I'm accustomed to it, I eat usually 2 large meals+small one in the evening, and keeping the mid snacks to a minimum, just pull the hunger till the mealtime, and in 1 month, I gained 2kg's, I know it doesn't sound that much, but for my physiology and relatively to my weight its really good, my body has also gotten much more muscular and I feel more energetic, I thing by eating for so long during the day, I was really wasting huge amounts of energy on digesting so much.

As for greens, what I do is just throw every green that is available in a salad along with a few non sweet fruits, parsley, lettuce, spinach, mangold, beet leafs, broccoli leafs(I mean those huge leafs outer leafs), cabbage leafs(again the dark green big outer leafs), coriander, mustard leafs, really just every leaf that is green :), smoothies don't work for me, maybe it will be more simple for other people to just throw them in a smoothie, I also add to the salads, sesame, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and nuts, all soaked, and usually in a separate meal I eat dried fruits+nuts, fresh fruits are usually a type of a dessert to be honest, usually eat whatever is in season&available after meals.

I know everybody is different but this way of eating really works amazing for me, so something to think about.

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