Red and processed meat increases risk of death

For all those that still eat meat BEWARE!!!

Actually I still eat meat maybe once per day, but definitely need to cut down on at least the reds.


Edited ( this ads credibility to the China Study , which of course is a good thing)


  • I heard that new study mentioned on the radio yesterday. I'm happy to know that this knowledge is being discussed in the media, finally!

  • One of John Robbins books (Diet for a New America, I think) mentions that after it came out, meat consumption in America decreased by about 20%. Then the deep pockets of the meat lobby threw out their propaganda confusing people saying things like "Meat products are part of a healthy, balanced diet and studies show they actually provide a sense of satisfaction and fullness that can help with weight control. Proper body weight contributes to good health overall." . Most sheep (oops!! I mean people) get confused, don't know who to believe and instead of thinking for themselves they go back to what they enjoy. John Robbins refers to this exact phenomenon. You can bet that in the next little while there will be headlines about how important red meat is, necessary for iron and protein and whatever else they come up with. Then the general public will go back to their usual meat eating. Pessimistic...maybe, realistic...absolutely!!

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