Cacao nibs or Cacao powder?

I have only had the nibs and i was wondering which chocolate others preferred and why. i've also read that the chocolate powder gets through some not-so-tight regulations with bits of bugs and roach poop in it. I have not tried the cacao powder yet because it seems to be rather expensive. I haven't looked for it lately, so perhaps the price has come down now. Not very appetizing info on the choc powder and i'm NOT CALLING IT A FACT, it's just something i've read on the internet from a source that i personally would trust. i don't want to put a bad name to it or ruin anyone's business- and REALLY hoping it's not true! Sorry for the caps, just needed to emphasize. I would also love any feed back on the cacao butter if you've tried it.


  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I use both, depending on what I'm making. The powder is usually better for desserts, but for a chocolate smoothie sometimes I want a little texture, so I'll use maybe 3:1 powder to nibs.

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