Advice needed on soaking Nuts and Seeds

Hi! My name is Monica and I am new to Gone Raw. I am still in the experimenting stage a bit, and I need some advice on soaking nuts and seeds. Last night I soaked sunflower seeds and hemp seeds. I set them out to dry and the next day I realized that my hemp seeds smelled my place up. Does anyone know if I am not supposed to soak hemp seeds, and the best way to get them to dry? I do not have a dehydrator, is there another way? Also, if I leave them out to dry, and they smell bad, are they actually bad... should I throw them away or just put them in the fridge? If I want to make almond milk or any nut milk.... should I soak those too?

Should I soak all seeds or are there some that I should not such as hemp or sesame?

Thanks for your help! Any advice is appreciated!



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