mineral deficiency? enemas for detoxing? burpee sprouter?? so many questions so little brain cells l

ok we've all heard about mineral deficiencies...blah blah but being high raw we should be covered BUT since I'm still basically new to raw and have not really stuck to it YETI'm wondering if the newbies need to supplement?? Anyone have experience with fulvic minerals?? If so, what's best legitimate brand? Couple of people said some of my cravings may be stemming from fact I'm mineral deficient...so I'm just curious for other's inputs.

Ok so yes, we all need to detox...especially those of us whom have partaken of the SAD lifestyle for any length of time...so what's everyone's opinions on enemas?? I'm in process of ordering a gallon bag--non-latex of course. I would like a good quality colema board but finances have halted that venture for the moment. I have done the coffee enema in past after a long MC run...very freeing actually. I'm ordering the neem powder for some extra cleansing as well. Aviatar [proper screenname eludes me at moment] had recommended Oxy-powder followed with lemon or ACV...I looked it up but only kind I found was in pill form and she never got back to me about that little glitch LOL

So recently ordered a small Burpee sprouter thingy. I have no kitchen space to speak of...no cupboards...it's ridiculous. So anxiously awaiting that. I just read on another thread here that you need to do something to seeds to prohibit mold...why is that?? Doesn't the pre-soak process take care of issues...there are organic seeds. So many questions I tell ya....everyday is a new RAW adventure.

Have a great weekend

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