Finding fresh pine nuts (in shell)

I have been looking into going raw. I do like a lot of raw things, but haven't gone entirely raw as of yet. I do have a LOT of questions, and some were answered on this site. I have been hesatant to jump in, but you all seem so helpful, and I have found no one being put down for questioning. Whew, got that out. Now I used to live where there were pinion pines ( I still might) and we used to find them sprouted after the first snow fall. Wow they were the best thing I ever ate. I have not been able to find pine nuts in the shell. Not sure if you can sprout the ones that are shelled. I went on the sprouts website, but found nothing. I live in Colorado, near the Bijou. Sort of So. East of Denver. Anyone able to help?

Thank you


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