Advice needed about dehydrators

I've been on the raw bandwagon for about two years and recently I've decided to get in a little deeper. After looking at some of the recipes here I see so many that sound incredible that require a dehydrator. This is one area that I'm totally ignorant about. I'm positively addicted to breads and dessert-type-things so I'm thinking a dehydrator is in my future, can anyone advise me about what they cost, where to find them, how much space they take up, (I live in New York City, so, yeah. Tiny kitchen), how they work, etc? I really feel like this could open up and whole new world of raw goodness for me!


  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    There are several good threads on this site that discuss dehydrators. You might try an advanced search for dehydrators and go from there. If you're new to using the search features, click here and check reply #3 for some tips on advanced search techniques.

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