Organic Farming Petition...Please Sign

My sister just sent me this email about a petition for a potential bill in Congress for organic farming. I hope something positive can happen for organics! Thanks. Peace

I just joined a great campaign to Grow Organics with the EWG Action Fund and I thought you’d like to join, too.

Are you satisfied with having just 3% of the fruit you eat free of potentially dangerous pesticides? How about 2% of vegetables? Or less than 0.02% of corn?

Right now, those are the percentages of organic produce available in grocery stores.

Fortunately, the EWG Action Fund is working with Congress to make sure organic farmers get their fair share of federal funds to improve access to healthy alternatives.

You can help right now by signing the EWG Action Fund’s Grow Organics petition. Their goal is 30,000 signatures by July 15!

Thanks for joining the Campaign to Grow Organics.


  • Thanks Sara! I signed it!

  • What a great site – just added it to my favorites : )

  • Just went to the site and signed as well! :) Also added to my fav’s.

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