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They are mad at me.. (sad but funny)

Veg TurboVeg Turbo Raw Newbie

This morning i had an infrustructure person come by my office and work on my network port.

well this person brought a chocolate milk with him and downed it and carelessly threw it away in my trash.

well it missed the center of the trashbag and ended up pulling the entire bag into the trashcan.

I didnt notice this till it was too late. The cleaning crew came by after he left. One of the ladies pulled my bag out and chocolate milk goes flying all over her and her face!

They all think its me and im a VEGAN!!!!

the person that did throw it away is nowhere to be found..



  • hahaha that's horrible

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I wonder if they still think milk does a body good?

  • I have a co worker who keeps throwing his empty cans of sardines in the trash can next to my desk. I'm not trying to be sqeemish- but that can get pretty rank after a few hours. The first day he did it I spent a few minutes "sniff testing" myself because I was horrified and shocked at how nasty I smelt! There was no one else around, so I figured it must be me. Thank goodness it wasn't.

  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    Does anyone struggle with co-workers who are continually obsessed with what you eat, and who feel free to express an opinion on it? I try not to talk too much about my food choices, because to be honest, I hate the attention. I'm just fed up of people commenting on my lunch in the fridge as 'weird'!

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    Yes, I just about snapped the other day after yet another tiring joke about "doesn't that (fill in the blank with steak, cheese thing, apple pie, candy bar, turkey leg, etc.) look good, I bet that would taste good to you."

  • I get that quite a bit since I work with almost all men who are really meat and potato kind of guys. Many of them are hunters as well. But, in all honesty, at least for me, I truly believe it's just interest (in the strange food I'm eating) and just their way of making conversation.

  • I get "oh man nancys drinking that green sludge again" so I tell them what my green smoothie has in it and offer to

    pour them a cup to try. I got one guy to try it and he said it was really good. But at least one person in the office a night has to say something. When I bring a raw dessert though everybody wants some.

    Oh and I keep my smoothie on my desk so everyone can enjoy the sight of health since I don't throw anything away .

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    Think my co-workers are pretty used to my eating habits now but they do sometimes try to get a rise out of me.

    My boss will look at my lunch and ask...'so how do you get your protein/carbohydrates from 'that' then?' It almost bores me to tears now so I just shrug my shoulders and say...'I'm sure we've been over this before'. It seems to shut him up. Some days I don't mind talking about it, other days I couldn't give a rats ass what they think and can't be bothered to try and 'justify' my food!

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    When I get lots of teasing, I just tell them that I will sure miss them when I outlive them by 20 years!

  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    Daniefon, very funny! I'll use that line next time. Brilliant.

  • My boss is a vegan, Indian man (not that there's anything wrong with that...just setting the scenario where I work) who turns his nose up at any other eating habits. I'm slightly over weight and it seems he feels the need to criticize me, in a nonchalant sort of way whenever I talk about a new, better way that I'm eating (trying raw....doing the best I can). He makes a HUGE point of saying he's a vegan, that his s**t doesn't smell (literally) and all the while, he has a pot belly and his cholesterol is high enough that he's on meds for it. His subservient wife cooks ALL his food, even driving the distance back and forth from home to work to bring him is food AND 95% OF IT'S FRIED! No wonder his cholesterol is through the roof.

    A couple of times he's microwaved something in the company microwave that literally smelled like flatulence and I'm too afraid to ask what it was...eww.

    Long live Raw!!

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    oh man i used to love indian food.

  • I get coworkers/friends/family/random people make comments all the time about being a vegetarian for 9 years (and vegan/raw for the past year or so). Whenever they make comments about how I eat I just shrug my shoulders and say, "well I haven't died yet from this diet so I guess I am good for now." They usually make a face and stop talking :)

  • It's amazing how free people are with their remarks about our healthy foods, and yet I'm sure none of us would make such a stink about how their lifestyle will eventually destroy them...it's that there's no social stigma against mocking people for eating healthy things, but you'd never mock someone for being overweight or dying of cholesterol issues...

    I've told my coworkers that they'll be sorry they mocked me when their hearts explode at age 56.

  • Vegan GoddessVegan Goddess Raw Newbie

    LOL, this is hilarious. I'm Bangladeshi and grew up with lots of smelly Indian food. Indians may eat vegetarian food but they sure love frying cheese and eating desserts laden with cheese and syrup. And flatulenty smelling dishes ;-)

  • psh i get that crap from family. which pisses me off but eh..

  • CaresCares Raw Newbie

    I work from home so I don't really cop it from anyone, but my hubby does occassionally.

    But he has also had the opposite reaction with work mates at times...on one building site he

    had about 20 or so tradesmen standing around in the carpark eating seaweed - at least until they got roused on

    and told to get back to work ;-)

    Funny thing with smell though...I was standing in the supermarket at the checkout one day and there was this awful smell, I was looking around at people but nobody else seemed to notice...honestly it smelled like someone had done a c...p in their pants, just awful :-(

    Then I noticed the woman in front of me was buying a BBQ chicken and that is where the smell was coming from.

    When I realised where the smell was coming from I could then smell that it was the usual smell of BBQ chook.

    But it is so terrible that the smell of what people eat comes through in poop so strongly...a good thing about being raw, our poop don't stink :-)

  • i am totally in the same boat as some of you guys!! i recently started a new job in CT and there are only 15 people in my group. (Used to work in Manhattan at a huge firm). There are soooo close minded. Its crazy!! Its not like i went around saying "Hi, I'm new and a raw vegan". My food habits actually came out when they went to buy lunch for the group during my first week to celebrate me joining the group. Of course, they wanted to order pizza and asked me what toppings I would like. First week or not, I was NOT going to eat pizza!! So i nicely said, that i was actually a raw vegan and had brought my own lunch but would love to join everyone for lunch. That day went fine (i think it was only because i was new). After that, people have been making little comments here and there. One of my coworkers actually had the audicity to tell my manager (my manager likes to talk, which is how i found out) that I am too young (im 25) to realize how im eating is going to harm my body!!! Of course, this person is overweight and has all sorts of issues, while I go to the gym every morning, never get tired, at my perfect weight, am fit and cant remember the last time i was sick.

    But if i was doing the weight watchers diet or any other of these silly diets, it wouldnt be a problem at all. People would probably be all excited for me!!!

  • Eves5Eves5 Raw Newbie

    I'm a chef and I've been woth my current resturant about a year. Took my head chef till last week to eat a steak I cooked. He said he hated to but gave me props. Sometimes you just gotta keep your resolve up till people respect your choices.

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